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About the Editor-in-Chief of Indian Journal of English Studies

editor in chiefDr. Binod Mishra (b. 1966), a Ph.D on the novels of Mulk Raj Anand, is currently an Associate Professor of English at IIT Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. He has also served in R.C. College, Majuli (Assam) and BITS Pilani (Rajasthan) before joining IIT Roorkee. A recipient of AIMS International Distinguished Service Award (2008), “AIMS Outstanding Editor Award” (2009), and “Excellence in World Poetry Award (2010), Dr. Mishra is serving his second term as Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Journal of English Studies.
Dr. Mishra has to his credit 22 books (07 authored and 15 edited) on various topics of English literature and language. His book entitled Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists, co-authored with Sangeeta Sharma in 2009 is being used both as a text and a reference book in reputed technical institutes. Dr. Mishra’s books include Multiple Waves (2017), Vital Issues in English Language Teaching, ed. (2016), Lotus Wine: Critical Responses to Indian Literatures in English, ed. (2015), Post-Colonial Pedagogical Issues: Strategies, theories and Practices in English Teaching, ed. (2014),Exiled Among Natives: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, ed.  (2013), Cabbages on the Bloom: Women’s Body and Space in the Sub-continental Fiction, ed. Vol. I &II (2012), Silent Steps and Other Poems (2011), Spindle and the Wheel: Reliving Text and Context in Translation Studies. ed. (2011), Festivals of Fire: A Study of the Poetry of Niranjan Mohanty. ed. (2010), Communication Skills for Engineers and Scientists (2009), Communication in a Globalized World: Let’s Speak Up, ed. (2009), Inventing Ties & Bonds in English: Diasporic Literary Consciousness, ed. (2008), Rainbow Redemption: New Bearings in Indian English Poetry, ed. (2007), Explorations in Australian Literature, ed.  (2006), Critical Responses to Feminism, (ed.)  (2006), Indian Writings in English, ed., (2006), Grammar in Use, Class VI, VII, VIII, (2006), Existential Concerns in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand, (2005), Communicating at Work: Shifting Paradigms and Emerging Trends, ed. (2005). Besides books, Dr. Mishra has published more than hundred papers in various journals in India and abroad. His areas of interest include Indian Writing in English, ELT, Technical Communication and Soft Skills.